Efficient and Secure Online Certificate Management:

Efficient and Secure Online Certificate Management

ESC is committed to offering an efficient, secure and cost-free electronic silo certificate management system to participants. Simply and intuitively designed, the system offers a single and concise view of all the owner's electronic certificates.

The electronic certificates look exactly like their paper-based counterparts and can be printed out or emailed, etc. These hardcopies are, however, not transferable.

Electronic silo certificates can be viewed and analysed according to various logical criteria. These include: JSE compliant or non-JSE, silo location, silo owner, product, grade, when purchased, purchased from whom and daily or annual storage types.
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Simple to register and easy to use

New account application forms can be obtained from the downloads page on the site or from support@silocerts.co.za

Key benefits of using ESC

>    Improved administrative efficiency
>    The ability to trade telephonically
>    Reduced transaction costs
>    No more time-based delays
>    Safe and instant change in certificate ownership
>    Reduced risk of fraud
>    Improved delivery on and off JSE
>    Instant management of requests for splits, physical delivery and encumbrances for loan security
>    No transaction costs and charges traditionally associated with paper certificates such as courier fees
>    Lower associated industry costs
>    Real-time register reporting with “slice-&-dice” querying
>    Actual certificates reconciled and reported in real-time
>    Secure viewing rights