About ESC

From paper to real-time
electronic convenience

ESC has set a new standard for managing silo certificates. Sponsored initially by Senwes and Afgri, the new electronic silo certificate system, specifically developed for the local grain industry, offers a fast, secure and cost-effective way of managing silo certificates.

Once an electronic certificate is issued, it is automatically and instantly written into an industry wide Internet register, from which owners can manage their individual certificates in a manner similar to Internet banking.ESC also offers a telephonic trading ability for grain owners without internet access

No joining fees

Secure and convenient

ESC does not levy any costs on participants but levies a per certificate cost on the silo operator. The issue costs are levied by the individual silo operators. There are no system user or registration costs, nor any transaction fees.

Who uses ESC?

ESC is open to all industry participants, including:

Silo operators
Traders / brokers
End users

Any entity involved with physicals of maize, wheat, sunflower and other commodities.

Confidentiality assured

Management of certificates

The ESC register is administered by Ascent Technologies, independently of any industry player and confidentiality is assured.

Only registered certificate owners have access to their own certificates. ESC is NOT an electronic spot trading platform. It is simply a secure and convenient electronic environment within which to manage silo certificates and the change of certificate ownership and other key events in the lifecycle of a silo certificate.
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